Bespoke support for your MAT


MAT governors can easily see individual schools progress, targets and achievement in professionally produced reports.


Easily identifiable trends across schools and within the MAT overall.


Leaders will have the knowledge and understanding of strengths and weaknesses across individual schools.


Professional Development can be planned to target areas for development across schools thus saving time and using the expertise available within the MAT.

Making a difference to schools


The right support and intervention can be placed into individual schools early.

Performance Management

Use the reports and formats to set targets for schools and their leaders that are accurate and up to date.

Time Saving

Reports are ready at the touch of a button and can be accessed on multiple devices.

Value for Money

Discounts available for multiple schools.

Easy access for all registered users at any time over a safe and secure network.



All stakeholders can produce the reports in the same formats to make understanding easier.

Notifications can be set up to inform you when data has been updated.